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Violence Prevention Training

Please register for our upcoming violence prevention training workshop. School staff can use these techniques and practical approaches to avoid violent situations between students in their schools.

Gun violence

Over and over, we bear witness to these horrors and raise an outraged cry for our elected leaders to keep those weapons out of our schools and off our streets. Each time, those cries fall on ears deafened by the National Rifle Association lobby and a...

Delegates decry deadly school shooting

Americans were still reeling on May 25, a day after the carnage in Uvalde, Texas, where an 18-year-old brandishing automatic weapons shot and killed 19 elementary school children and two of their teachers. And emotions were still raw among the union...

Kudos to Jason Bentsen, IS 72, Staten Island

A shoutout to Jason Bentsen, the first-year chapter leader at IS 72 on Staten Island, for solving the safety issue of doors at the school that had no locks and sometimes even no doorknobs.

Resolution opposing Intro 2211 on school safety agents

The UFT urges City Council Committee on Education to amend Intro 2211 to not transfer authority over school safety agents to DOE authority.