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Nurse staffing shortages remain a concern

As hospitalizations rise, we again find ourselves in a battle for adequate staffing. Staffing ratios are the foundation for safe patient care.

Nurses OK 2-year contract

Licensed Practical Nurses who are members of the Federation of Nurses/ UFT overwhelmingly ratified a two-year contract with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York in which the union made no concessions while achieving a salary increase and...

Nurses find strength in union

Nearly a year after the pandemic began, New York City hospitals are once again at full capacity, but this time our own ranks have been thinned by illness. But Federation of Nurses/UFT members continue to demonstrate courage, compassion and relentless...

Keys to successful collective bargaining

When the UFT negotiated its 2018 contract with the city Department of Education, it followed the strategy used by the Federation of Nurses/UFT, which I lead, because of our past success at the bargaining table.The workforce can have a voice, not only...

On the front line of quality health care

“The same way parents ask questions about class size, I want every patient to ask questions about the staffing ratio in hospitals,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew said as he welcomed nurses to the Westin Grand Central in Manhattan on Nov. 22 for the...

The struggle for adequate hospital staffing

Our goal is to provide excellent care and help patients achieve their optimum level of functioning. To reach that goal, we are committed to achieving staffing levels in hospitals that provide for safe patient care.

VP for Non-DOE Members

Anne Goldman is the UFT's vice president for non-DOE members. Anne has a bachelor of science in nursing as well as an RN license from the New York State.