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Lessons learned

New York Teacher

Teachers and students anticipate a return to normal as the pandemic recedes and in-class education resumes. As devastating and disruptive as the pandemic was, we should not overlook the valuable lessons inherent in the disruption. Jobs, homes, health, education and relationships were all in doubt.

Perhaps the lessons are that real security and stability are internal, and we all are dependent on the world around us for sustainability. Security was taken for granted prior to the 9/11 attacks, but they were a physical manifestation of an external threat. Good action was taken in enhancing airport security, but poor action resulted in misguided military adventures.

The pandemic and global warming are invisible threats, and human conduct has contributed to them. We must adjust and prepare for the future. Schools and educators might have to take the lead as our politicians seem to be prisoners of their political tribe or their media outlet.

Larry Hoffner, retired