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Retired Teachers Chapter News

Tom Murphy
Happy and busy ‘new year’

Over the summer, RTC members helped their teachers union colleagues in Florida reach new state-mandated union enrollment thresholds and helped the United Farm Workers union organize migrant farmworkers in New York State.

In unity, transformed

As we measure our own behavior, we are apt to see patterns and motivations. We also see that the role of the human individual is intertwined with others. Sociologists call it group dynamics. In the labor movement, we call it solidarity.

Become a Retiree Programs instructor

The UFT Welfare Fund's Retiree Programs is seeking new instructors to teach during the day.

Leaving the NYC area?

If you are moving outside the New York City metropolitan area, it is essential that you update your personal information (mailing address, phone number, etc.) with the UFT Membership Department to ensure delivery of the New York Teacher, information about UFT activities or meetings and Welfare Fund health benefits.

2022 COLA increase is 3%

Based on current Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures, the September 2022 COLA, which retired members will see in their September pension checks, is 3.0%.

Rules for working after retirement

If you are thinking of returning to work after retirement, you must adhere to some important rules to avoid jeopardizing your pension or Social Security benefits.