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Special complaints

You do not have to — nor should you — tolerate such harassment or acts of intimidation. A special complaint process was expanded in the 1990s to protect UFT members from harassment or intimidation by their supervisors.


The union contract empowers us as educators to do our jobs well. It includes articles and rights whose sole aim is to ensure that we have the resources, support and structures in place so that we can do our best to educate our students. It gives us...

How do I file a grievance?

If you believe your contractual rights have been violated, you should contact your chapter leader for advice and assistance. The chapter leader will enter your grievance in the UFT grievance system and provide both you and your principal with a copy....

Is filing a grievance the only way to resolve an issue with a school administrator?

Not at all. Before filing a grievance, it is always a good idea to speak with your chapter leader about resolving the issue informally. Our contract also provides for a number of other ways to resolve issues including the operational process for...

What are grievances used for?

The grievance procedure is there to protect your rights and ensure that the contract is adhered to. You can file a grievance in order to remedy a violation of the UFT/DOE contract or DOE regulation, circular or established practice. Your chapter...

Harassment, Intimidation, Retaliation and Discrimination by Supervisors

Under the newly negotiated contract language which applies to all UFT-represented employees, the Department of Education is required to maintain an environment that is “free of harassment, intimidation, retaliation and discrimination.”

Good riddance

It’s not right to dance on a grave, but with SESIS we’ll make an exception.

Say goodbye to SESIS

After almost a decade of complaints, malfunctions and payments of more than $70 million to thousands of UFT members to compensate them for work outside school hours, the DOE is finally pulling the plug on the $130 million Special Education Student...

Oversize classes drop again

The UFT reported a modest decrease in the total number of oversize classes in New York City public schools this fall for the second year in a row. By the tenth day of school, 401 schools citywide were out of compliance with 2,056 oversize classes,...

Contract 2018: Grievance

This contract contains several new ways to resolve grievances more quickly.