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Dental plan participating providers

Within the Scheduled Benefit Plan there is a dental panel option available consisting of over 700 participating dentists.

Dental care

The UFT Welfare Fund provides dental benefits through two programs: the Scheduled Benefit Plan, which provides services through the Welfare Fund panel of dentists or a dentist of your choice; and Dentcare, a no-cost dental HMO.

Health benefits highlight value of UFT membership

Telling the story of why the union matters, Geof Sorkin, the executive director of the UFT Welfare Fund, discussed the “very robust benefit package” that UFT-represented employees have.

Special coordination of benefits for the dental plan

Members and their spouse or domestic partner who are also members are entitled to Special Coordination of Benefits (SCOB) when the Scheduled Benefit Plan covers both.

Dental HMO Plan

If you elect to receive dental coverage through the Dentcare HMO, the Welfare Fund's Scheduled Benefit Plan is not applicable. Dentcare would provide all covered services.

Scheduled Benefit Plan

This plan provides benefits for covered services under a reimbursement schedule, called the “Schedule of Covered Dental Expenses" which lists most covered services and the maximum reimbursement amounts.

Does CIGNA cover general anesthesia?

Anesthesia is covered only if you are having surgery, like a tooth extraction.

CIGNA rejected my claim for a tooth extraction. Why?

If your tooth was impacted, it is considered a medical condition and therefore, the charge must be submitted to your health insurance provider. You may submit any unpaid balance to CIGNA with a copy of the explanation of benefits from your health...

How often can I have crowns and dental prostheses replaced?

Crowns, bridges and dentures can be replaced after five years.