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State budget spares schools from cuts

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking economic havoc, the UFT successfully avoided large-scale cuts to public school funding in the New York State budget signed on April 3 for the upcoming fiscal year.

Legislative priorities discussed

The Federation of Nurses/UFT on Feb. 27 overwhelmingly ratified a two-year contract with NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn that increases salaries, rewards experience and specialty training, and enriches staffing, the top priority for many of the 900...

Funding our future

The UFT is once again marshalling its forces to ensure we get a state budget that protects public education in New York City.

UFT: Tax on ultra-wealthy needed to prevent service cuts

NYSUT President Andy Pallotta — joined by union leaders, state lawmakers and activists — announces results of the survey showing that 92% of the state’s voters support new taxes on the ultra-wealthy during a Feb. 10 press conference in the...

Why the U.S. Census matters

We have a major challenge ahead of us this spring: Making sure every New Yorker is counted in this year’s U.S. Census.

Not business as usual

It may be a virtual enterprise, but the students behind Bake-ology at Susan Wagner HS on Staten Island definitely mean business.

SCOTUS considers public aid to religious schools

The U.S. Supreme Court will be ruling on a high-profile case that could narrow the separation between church and state and open the door to more public aid for religious schools.

Fund our Future

New York State continues to shortchange its students in high-needs schools. There’s no other way to read Gov. Cuomo’s Jan. 21 preliminary budget, which proposes an increase in Foundation Aid that falls far short of the $2.1 billion that the UFT, New...

Census discussed with religious leaders

Religious leaders from around the city heard about the importance of boosting New York City’s participation in the 2020 Census at the union’s 10th annual Faith-Based Breakfast on Jan. 7.

Teachers mount statewide bus tour for increased school aid

As New York State faces tough budget challenges, the New York State United Teachers will bring its “Fund Our Future” statewide bus tour to two stops in New York City on Friday, Jan. 24.