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This year's modified graduation requirements

The State Education Department announced on April 7 that students affected by the cancellation of the June Regents exams will be able to graduate without making them up.

Being an informed educator

One of my responsibilities as the UFT vice president for education is to make sure you stay informed about the rollout of New York State’s Next Generation Learning Standards. In 2018, we focused on raising awareness; this year we are focused on...

Better learning standards

Standards are important measures we use to compare and evaluate. Because there were myriad issues with the Common Core Learning Standards, the New York State Education Department scrapped them and, with the help of more than 130 educators and parents...

Core corrections

It’s heartening that teachers are part of the state’s process of writing the new Empire State Learning Standards to better reflect the knowledge and skills that children should be able to demonstrate at each grade. But so far, we know one thing for...

Racial achievement gap widens in Kentucky, an early adopter of the Common Core

An analysis of state test data by the Hechinger Report and the Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, showed that the achievement gap between white and black children in reading and math has widened since Kentucky adopted the Common Core Learning...

State tests to change this spring

This spring, students will see fewer questions and have more time to complete the state ELA and math tests.

Repairing the Common Core

Nearly 5,000 teachers responded to the State Education Department’s invitation this past fall to weigh in on the Common Core Learning Standards. The standards, first rolled out in 2012, have provoked fierce controversy and the governor’s Common Core...

TV ad: Back Common Core changes

The UFT on Jan. 15 launched a new TV ad urging New Yorkers to support revisions to the state’s learning standards proposed by Governor Cuomo’s Common Core task force, which also set in motion a four-year ban on the use of state growth scores to...

UFT launches “Working Together” TV ad

The UFT launched a television ad campaign on Jan. 15 to urge New Yorkers to support the recommendations of Governor Cuomo’s Common Core Task Force, which was charged with reforming the current Common Core system.

Turning the tide against overtesting

The days of test and punish are over. After a disastrous experiment with the Common Core standards — implemented without proper curriculum or teacher training — New York now has a chance to get things right.