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Compensatory Time Positions

Schools often have “compensatory time positions,” which are non-teaching assignments like lunchroom supervisor, dean, programmer or grade adviser. These assignments are done in lieu of teaching periods and, in effect, reduce the amount of time the person spends teaching.

The principal and chapter committee collaboratively determine the compensatory time positions at your school. The chapter committee and the principal must meet and agree upon the qualifications for each position and then the UFT members at your school must ratify them through a school-based option vote.

After that, all the positions should be publicly posted in your school. Anyone wanting a specific position should apply by the deadline on the posting. Each posting should include the length of the term (in years) that the position will exist, as well as the number of periods per day to devote to the position. If two or more applicants are equally qualified, the applicant with the most school seniority should be given the position. However, priority will be given to the qualified applicant who has never previously held a compensatory time position.

While the principal may create one compensatory time position of lunchroom coordinator for each lunch period and (in secondary schools) one or two deans (depending on the school’s enrollment), it takes the agreement of the school chapter to create more than the allowed position(s). Speak to your chapter leader to determine which compensatory time positions require chapter approval.

To see what the contract says about compensatory time positions, read articles 7A3, 7A6, 7B3, 7C4, 7K3 and 7U.