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A joint UFT/DOE central paperwork committee was formed as part of the 2014 contract to negotiate a new set of systemwide standards to reduce and eliminate unnecessary paperwork, including electronic forms of paperwork, for all members. New paperwork provisions, created by this committee, took effect in September 2014.

In May 2015, the UFT and DOE reached agreement on a broader set of enforceable paperwork standards, which builds on the initial standards. A general standard states in broad language that educators and related service providers will not be required "to perform redundant, unnecessary or unreasonable amounts of record keeping concerning the performance of, plans for or evaluation of students" unless required by federal or state law.

District and high school paperwork committees, composed of an equal number of representatives appointed by the DOE and the union, have the primary responsibility to ensure that these standards are properly implemented. The union may grieve violations of the standards not resolved by the joint committees.

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