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Peer Intervention Program (PIP)

The Peer Intervention Program, negotiated in the 1980s and operated by the UFT, helps tenured teachers who need support to improve their teaching. Get confidential one-on-one help from highly experienced, specially selected colleagues who will create individualized professional development plans with you to emphasize your strengths and improve your shortcomings. Assistance by this specially trained staff is voluntary and confidential.

The Peer Intervention Program (PIP) has continued providing intensive one on one support to its Pre-K through HS tenured teachers during these unprecedented times. PIP has assisted teachers with transitioning the physical school day into an appropriate, standards based, manageable virtual school day. PIP provides supports in effective online lesson plans as well as how to select the most effective apps/learning platforms for online learning. PIP helps develop video-based mini-lessons as well as create remote learning assignments and projects.

For more information about PIP, see the Peer Intervention Program online or read Article 21I of the contract.