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Emmanuel Duruaku
Home Instructors

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the UFT Home Instruction web page.
Home instruction is designed to meet the academic needs of students while they are confined to their homes because of medical, orthopedic and/or serious emotional conditions. In the COVID -19 era, the menu of needs of the homebound student has been further compounded by the dysfunction the pandemic presents. 

The often-unpredictable nature of the disruptions the homebound students’ medical challenges and needs remain so today. The illness itself, side-effects of medications, visits to doctors, fluctuating intensities of attacks and therapy sessions, among other things, are still part of their reality. Those events do not sync with regimented schedules of Schools of Affiliation (SOA) – neither for in-person nor remote platforms. 

Fortunately, we remain well-positioned to support the homebound student. Our experience and capacity allow us the flexibility to schedule around disruptions in the student’s day. In so doing, we not only continue to meet curriculum and IEP goals, but also support them in intangible ways. And parents and school guidance counsellors are encouraged to continue to refer eligible students for home instruction services.

So, while we, too, must work remotely, we are advancing in leaps and bounds in our capacity to acquire and integrate the technology and instructional techniques demanded by the challenges we face. Our students, SOAs, parents, teachers and the Home Instruction School Leadership Team are working collaboratively to help ensure that all children are successful. This includes following prescribed curricula and IEPs designed to maximize learning and achievement, as well as meeting performance standards.

Truly and surely, we have all risen to the challenges of navigating these choppy waters. With our support of each other and the unwavering advocacy of our union, I am confident we all will remain on course and effective at instructing our homebound students. 


Emmanuel Duruaku
Chapter Leader

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