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Gov. Cuomo announces $30 million in CARES act funds for child care providers

The following email was sent to child care providers on May 1 by UFT Family Child Care Providers Chapter Chair Tammie Miller.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced that $30 million in federal funds will pay for supplies for child care providers as well as for the child care fees for eligible essential workers. The state will use funds authorized through the recently passed federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, otherwise known as the CARES Act.

The money will cover supplies for those child care providers who remained open during the coronavirus shutdown. These supplies can include masks, gloves, diapers, baby wipes, baby formula and food. Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agencies will receive grants totaling approximately $600 per provider.


Providers looking for money to pay for supplies should contact their CCR&R agency. Find your CCR&R agency on the website of the state Office of Children and Family Services.

Child care scholarships

Child care costs will be covered for essential staff whose income is less than 300 percent of the federal poverty level — or $78,600 for a family of four — and will be paid up to market rate for each region statewide.

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