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Changing pandemic protocol

The reality is that no one is abandoning any safety protocols with the new guidelines. Safety is still a top priority, but as the science evolves, we also have to evolve.

‘Pumped’ up!

UFT members at the East Elmhurst Community School in Queens organized a “Pump the Pride” community car parade to show off their school spirit and support families on March 12.

Thousands vaccinated through UFT program

As of April 7, about 35,000 UFT members employed by the city Department of Education had been matched with vaccine providers in the UFT vaccine program, which supplements city and state vaccination programs.

Making classrooms a place for healing

The UFT, drawing on City Council funding, has developed a two-hour training session that is being offered to all educators this spring and will teach simple strategies they can incorporate into their daily practice to help them assess and respond to...

UFT: Federal COVID funds must help students recover

Calling for more than $1 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds to be dedicated to the needs of students recovering emotionally and academically from the ravages of the pandemic, the UFT laid out a five-point recovery proposal.

School safety during the pandemic

The stringent safety policies in areas such as testing, ventilation and social distancing that the union ensured were in place in September have kept the percentage of staff and students who test positive for COVID-19 within New York City public...

UFT on CDC social distancing guidelines

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement in response to the state's adoption of new Centers for Disease Control guidelines that permit schools to reduce social distancing between students from six feet to three feet.

Union and city negotiate a new protocol for closing schools

The UFT and City Hall on April 8 negotiated a new protocol for closing classrooms and schools that shifts the focus to preventing in-school outbreaks.

UFT on COVID school closings

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement in response to Mayor Bill de Blasio's announcement regarding changes to the COVID-related school building closure policy.

Spring 2021 Functional Chapter Elections

Every three years, UFT functional chapter members have the opportunity to elect their chapter’s leadership. You can nominate yourself or a colleague for chapter leadership positions now.