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New group size option available for SETSS recommendations

News Stories

The following email was sent to special education teachers and social workers and psychologists from MaryJo Ginese, UFT Vice President for Special Education, on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. 

I’m writing you with some good news: SESIS has been updated to allow IEP teams to recommend a group size other than eight students for Direct Service Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) recommendations on students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Comparable Service Plans (CSPs). Now IEP teams may select “other” group sizes between two and seven students.

To recommend a group size other than “Individual” or “Group” (the default of eight), you should:

  1. Go to the “Service” dropdown menu.
  2. Select the “Other” option in the menu.
  3. Choose a SETSS group size from two through seven.

Read the DOE guidance for more information on this new option.

When considering SETSS recommendations for students in general education settings, keep in mind:

  • SETSS can be combined with other services such as ICT and/or special classes. This combination is a good choice for students at all levels with foundational skill deficits in reading or math.
  • SETSS groups can include students without IEPs, as long as they also include students with disabilities and are not larger than the group size specified on any individual student’s IEP.
  • SETSS must be provided for a minimum of three hours and may not exceed 50% of the student’s program.
  • SETSS can be provided in the classroom to support the student's access to the curriculum or in a separate location if the student requires supplemental instruction (such as to address a skill deficit).
  • SETSS may also be delivered indirectly as a consultative service to assist the general education teacher in adjusting the learning environment and/or modifying their instructional methods to meet the individual needs of students with IEPs in the general education class.
District 75 Special Education Inclusion Services

District 75 also provides SETSS in District 1 through 32 schools to students with significant disabilities. District 75 SETSS students are included and programmed in all District 1 through 32 school classes, programs and activities (including after-school events and other school-sponsored activities).

Based on IEP recommendations, District 75 SETSS students receive:

  • Direct SETSS from a special education teacher in the general education classroom or in a separate location in specified content areas.
  • Indirect SETSS support (time for collaborative planning with specific general education content-area teachers).
  • Programmatic paraprofessional support in specified content areas and locations; and related services.

Learn more about District 75 Special Education Inclusive Services.

When conducting IEP meetings for students, the IEP team should always keep in mind that its decisions about services should be based on student needs — not staffing, space or administrative considerations.

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