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Make connections with hexagonal thinking

How do you teach elaboration, “adding on” and targeted vocabulary without making student discussion feel forced? Enter hexagonal thinking.

Shedding light on a crisis

According to a 2021 survey of city educators, just slightly more than half of us teach students about climate change, and those who do only address it for about two hours per year. A group of dedicated educators is trying to shift that paradigm...

Important tips to help manage your classroom

New teachers may erroneously believe that effective classroom management comes from being stern and no-nonsense. But veteran educators know that there are better ways to establish a calm classroom. Here are some tips.

Attaining National Board certification

Officially known as the second differential (C6 + PD), most members achieve the salary differential with the highest pay scale by taking 30 course credits beyond their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. But a lesser-known path to the top differential...

Building relationships with your students

I have developed five simple strategies for building genuine and affectionate relationships with my students quickly and efficiently early in the school year.

Linking home and school

Our students, especially those at diverse schools, need to feel like they belong in the school community. I developed a museum unit for my 4th-graders that embeds lessons on cultural awareness into our social studies and writing curricula.

New reading curricula for city schools

In a major reset, New York City is overhauling how reading is taught in early childhood and elementary school settings in public schools throughout the city. Over the next two years, elementary schools will be required to adopt one of three evidence...

Reimagining homework assignments

How often should we assign homework? How much homework should we give? How much should we weigh homework when we calculate grades? Or should we even assign homework? Hear educators who have grappled with these questions.

Booked on phonics

This May, New York City joined a nationwide shift in the teaching of reading when Schools Chancellor David C. Banks announced that all elementary schools over the next two years must adopt one of three evidence-based curricula that are grounded in...

Strategies to spice up math instruction

I implemented random grouping, whiteboards and low-floor, high-ceiling questions in my 7th-grade math classroom to promote greater engagement. My classroom now is a place of student exploration, collaboration and discussion.