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FAQ for UFT members employed in the DOE’s Division of Early Childhood Education

FAQ for UFT members employed in the DOE’s Division of Early Childhood Education

COVID-related protocols

The following Q&A answers some of UFT members’ most frequently-asked questions about the city DOE's COVID-related policies covering health, safety, remote learning and absences for the 2022-23 school year.

Open Market Transfer Plan

If you want a new opportunity, wish to work closer to home or have been placed in excess, the Open Market Transfer Plan gives you the chance to apply for a position at another school. You can view vacancies citywide and apply during the open market...

Spring break 2020

The UFT’s fight with the DOE over compensation for members who worked over the 2020 spring break ended in January when an independent arbitrator ruled that UFT members will receive one vacation day for each day they worked during what should have...

Student debt relief

Temporary changes to the federal Public Student Loan Forgiveness program, prompted in part by the settlement of a lawsuit filed by the American Federation of Teachers and years of lobbying by the AFT and the UFT, may allow UFT members to qualify for...

Certification during COVID-19

Due to the many disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York State Education Department has introduced measures to provide emergency certification and alternative testing options and has extended some deadlines for educators.

COVID-related leaves, absences and quarantines

As UFT members continue to meet the many challenges of this school year, we’ve gathered additional answers to members’ most frequently asked questions about COVID-related absences, remote office hours and other important topics.

2021–22 school reopening

As school buildings fully reopen in September, there are many questions about the health and safety protocols to keep school communities safe. The following Q&A answers some of UFT members’ most commonly asked questions.

FAQ about the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan

The MLC voted on and approved the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan, which means retirees will continue to benefit from premium-free coverage while maintaining access to all of the same providers and hospitals they currently use.

Voting in your chapter elections

This spring, UFT members will elect union representatives at the school level and for functional chapters. We answer many common questions about how school chapter elections are run and how to cast your vote.