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Audiologist Salary Schedule (2022–27)

This group shares it's bargaining unit with Supervisors of Nurses & Therapists and School Nurses .

A+ course options expand

In the four years since the introduction of A+ credits as part of the 2018 DOE-UFT contract, the course offerings have expanded for teachers working toward their MA+30 salary differential.

Get 30-plus differential credits

The UFT has forged a partnership with CUNY’s School of Labor and Urban Studies and Monroe College to provide affordable professional learning opportunities for mid-career teachers seeking credits towards their 30-plus differential.

Time for last lump-sum payment

Tens of thousands of educators represented by the UFT will receive in July the sixth — and final — lump-sum payment connected to the 2014 DOE-UFT contract.

3% salary increase on May 14

The salaries of UFT-represented DOE employees will increase by 3% effective May 14, with the increase reflected in paychecks on May 28 for pedagogues, H-Bank employees and all paraprofessionals.

Victory and vigilance

The UFT’s vigilance won deferred wages for work our members did as far back as 2009, even as the city sought to renege on its promise to deliver them, and a no-layoff guarantee for this school year.

Arbitrator overturns city’s decision to delay lump-sum payment

An arbitrator overturned City Hall’s decision to delay lump-sum payments to thousands of city educators, ordering the city to pay half the amount owed by Oct. 31, and the rest by the end of July 2021.

UFT asks arbitrator to overturn city decision to withhold deferred wages

The UFT announced that it would go to arbitration over the city's announcement that it would not disburse the final lump-sum payment from the 2014 contract.

2.5% raises take effect May 14

The salaries of UFT-represented city Department of Education employees will increase by 2.5% effective May 14, 2020.

Teacher’s Choice spending deadline

The deadline for spending Teacher’s Choice funds is Jan. 12, 2020. You should submit your receipts for purchases made between Aug. 1, 2019, and Jan. 12, 2020, along with the Teacher’s Choice Accountability Form detailing your purchases, by Jan. 17...