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Health benefits highlight value of UFT membership

Telling the story of why the union matters, Geof Sorkin, the executive director of the UFT Welfare Fund, discussed the “very robust benefit package” that UFT-represented employees have.


You are eligible to be covered by the UFT Welfare Fund Benefits Plan for Retirees if all of the following criteria are met...

Eligibility for in-service members

In general, subject to the requirements pertaining to the definition of “covered employees,” members in covered categories are eligible for benefits as long as they are considered in-service.

Enrolling and updating information

Learn how to enroll and update your information.

Can I add my grandchild to the UFT Welfare Fund benefits?

Yes. A child who is living with and financially dependent on a grandparent is eligible for coverage. You’ll need to submit a Change of Status form and a Dependent Child Affidavit , or request these forms from the Forms Hotline at 212-539-0539.

I have just returned to work after four years of leave of absence from the DOE. Do I need to complete a new enrollment form for Welfare Fund benefits?

Yes. Any member returning from a leave of absence of 18 months or more must complete a new enrollment. You can see your chapter leader for an enrollment form or call the Forms Hotline. Your school secretary must also file a pending payroll...

I have two children ages 24 and 28. Can I add them to my UFT Welfare Fund coverage?

Yes. Dependent children up to age 26 can be enrolled in the Welfare Fund at no cost. Use the Welfare Fund's online Update Your Information (Change of Status) form to enroll a dependent under age 26. Also, young adults ages 26-29 can be enrolled in...

I enrolled in the UFT Welfare Fund about a week ago but have not received my drug card. Now I have to fill a prescription. What should I do?

You can buy the prescription drug you need now. Once you receive the card, submit an original receipt to the Fund for reimbursement. Use the Drug Reimbursement Form for in-service members or call the Forms Hotline at 212-539-0539 to receive them by...

I am a new UFT member and have enrolled online in the UFT Welfare Fund. When will my benefits become available?

Once you’ve enrolled and the Fund receives confirmation from your school that you are on staff, your benefits are available from your first day of employment, but you must enroll first.