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Resolution on the anniversary of the 1960 UFT strike

WHEREAS, on Nov. 7, 1960, more than 5,000 members of the newly formed United Federation of Teachers went on strike against the New York City Board of Education because they were denied the right to collectively bargain, and

WHEREAS, striking against the school system was illegal, and the brave unionists faced the loss of their jobs or severe penalties, and

WHEREAS, the strike provided the impetus for the UFT to win the right to collectively bargain after teachers voted to accept the UFT as their bargaining agent in 1961, and

WHEREAS, every single union member must understand how important unions are to the financial security and health of the average worker especially as anti-labor forces, including the Trump administration, seek to destroy organized labor, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that on this, the 59th anniversary of the 1960 strike, we remember those who worked so hard to ensure that the next generation would have a better life, and we salute them for standing up for working people, and be it further

RESOLVED, that we will continue to fight for the right of workers to belong to a union and negotiate salaries, benefits and working conditions as unions are the great equalizer in society.

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