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May 17, 2007: 12,000 family child care providers request UFT representation

Thirteen years ago, home-based child care providers marked a milestone in their campaign to join the UFT.

The UFT is founded

On March 16, 1960, members of the Teachers Guild voted to merge with the High School Teachers Association to form the United Federation of Teachers.

New York City public school memorabilia ceremony

To honor the work of New York City public school teachers, who give their students what he calls “the best public education in the land,” retired educator Marty Raskin has been amassing memorabilia that may remind city educators of their own school...

Jan. 18, 2012: The fight to save closing schools

The UFT went toe-to-toe with Mayor Mike Bloomberg in 2012 to save the jobs of its members in struggling schools. In a clear maneuver to get around the contract, the mayor vowed to “close” 33 low-performing schools, excess all the staff and make them...

Etched in history

Hundreds of UFT members watched as the names of six lifelong unionists joined those of other UFT giants on the Wall of Honor in the lobby of union headquarters in Manhattan on Nov. 18. The crowd overflowed into Shanker Hall to watch a livestream of...

Resolution on the anniversary of the 1960 UFT strike

On this, the 59th anniversary of the 1960 strike, we remember those who worked so hard to ensure that the next generation would have a better life, and we salute them for standing up for working people.

Union remembers a legend

UFT members came together on Sept. 25 to celebrate the life of Abe Levine, a UFT executive board member for nearly 59 years.

What happened on Nov. 7, 1960?

The newly formed United Federation of Teachers was demanding collective bargaining rights and Superintendent of Schools John Theobald’s response was that he did not bargain with his own family.

Teacher quality and the UFT

As continuing research confirms that skilled teachers are key to children’s academic success, school districts across the country, often working with their unionized staffs, are scrambling to recruit, reward and retain the most effective educators.

A collective advantage

Just like a union, a professional organization represents the interests of its members. Banding together, members may be able to provide products and services to those who join — perhaps magazine subscriptions or professional development or insurance...