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School Nurses Appreciation Dinner 2023

School nurses from around the city gathered at UFT headquarters for the annual celebration honoring their work in the New York City public schools.

School Nurses Appreciation Dinner 2023

For school nurses, who are one to a school building, the best part of the School Nurses Appreciation Dinner, held this year on May 10 at UFT headquarters in Manhattan, is often mingling with colleagues.

School Nurses Appreciation Dinner

The question of whether school nurses have received the recognition they are due was top of mind at the UFT School Nurses Chapter’s appreciation dinner at union headquarters on May 11, which is National School Nurses Day.

Shower of thanks

UFT members and other frontline workers were showered with confetti on July 7 at a “Hometown Heroes” parade celebrating them for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic in one of the largest ticker-tape parades in New York City history

Zully Brons-Bailey, school nurse

For nearly two decades, Zully Brons-Bailey worked simultaneously as a school nurse and a hospital nurse in the Bronx. Now serving 640 students in grades pre-K through 8 at the Cornerstone Academy for Social Action in the Bronx, she tackles everything...

School Nurse salary schedule (2022–27)

This group shares it's bargaining unit with Audiologists and Supervisors of Nurses & Therapists .