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Gail F. Burrows

I will always be very proud of everyone who was working at P.S. 128 that day on 9/11. It showed the true character of those who went into teaching and stayed in it with a true commitment to the children and the broader community.

Many of us are still asked where we were on that day in September, on that day when so many perished.

There were students who had lost family members. There were staff who had friends that had vanished. Grief workshops followed the days and weeks after the initial shock.

As time passed, we found out even more about how many of our students were affected by this horrendous event.

I wish all of it never happened, but it did. However, I can say with certainty, that when I am asked where I was that day, I will always be at peace knowing that I was in a place where courage and strength prevailed.