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How do I change my tax deductions/withholding using ESS?


NYCAPS :  go to and log in.

Enter your USER ID (your 7-digit Employee ID /Reference Number found on your paystub.

Your temporary password consists of the last two digits of your SSN, an underscore (_), the first three letters of your birth month (must be upper case), your birth day (including the leading zero, if applicable), and the birth year (all four). 
Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XX99
Date of Birth: JANUARY 01, 1984


Once logged in, click PAY and TAX INFORMATION
then click Tax Withholdings.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You cannot use ESS to:

  • To claim Exempt
  • To claim 10 or more Federal allowances
  • To claim 14 or more State allowances.

(to make the changes above, skip to step 7)


Under Tax Withholdings, review your current withholdings status information. Every employee will be defaulted to a single status with no withholdings unless indicated otherwise.


Click the Change Withholdings Info Button which is toward the bottom of the page.

Note:  Tax Marital Status of "SINGLE" applies to both "Single" as well as "Married but withholding at a higher Single Rate". 


No Fields can be left blank.  At least one field must have changes in order for the form to be submitted successfully. Please note that there must be a valid reason for making changes to tax withholdings (life events). You are limited to no more than 3 changes to your withholdings per year.

If you would like to review any IRS forms, or have general inquiries about your W4, IT-2104, or tax withholdings, you can click the link at the bottom of the page to review the Office of Payroll Administration's information page.

The link says, "Additional Information and Instructions on completing W4 and IT-2104".


You can now review a summary of your election. If you are satisfied with your changes, Check The Box acknowledging that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions in the middle of the page, review the statements of the Employee Authorization

  • If you are not ready to submit your elections, click the Cancel button.  No changes will be made to your current tax/withholdings information.
  • If you are ready to submit and finalize your tax withholding selection, then enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, and click Certify/Confirm in order to submit your changes.

Upon submitting your form, you will receive an email confirmation shortly.

If you make a change on a Saturday or Sunday, it will be entered into the system Monday night.  If you don't see your changes on Monday, review it within two business days (Wednesday Morning).

If you are a H-Bank/740 (an admin employee), the changes you make in NYCAPS ESS will not reflect in the system for up to TWO weeks.


DOE employees cannot use NYCAPS ESS to make the following changes:

  • claiming Tax Exempt
  • claiming more than 10 Federal allowances
  • claiming more than 14 State allowances

In order to claim the above, you submit a Personal Tax Data Change form, along with a W-4 form and IT-2104-E form and supporting documentation.  Follow these steps:

1.  Download the Personal and Tax Data Change form from the HR Connect website at the HR Connect Employee Web Portal at

Login with your Windows/Outlook User ID and password.  Then click on the "Forms" button in the "Helpful Links" box on the right.

2.  Complete the form based on the instructions provided on the form.  You must complete the entire form, as incomplete forms will not be processed.

3.  Send the completed form and supporting documents to HR Connect as indicated in the form's instructions, such as the W-4 form and/or a IT-2104, or Certificate of Affirmation to the following address:

Division of Human Resources/HR Connect
New York City Department of Education
65 Court Street
Room 102
Brooklyn, NY 11201