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What is Chapter 408 and what does it require for a student's IEP?

Chapter 408 refers to state law and corresponding regulations requiring that: (1) each provider responsible for implementing a student’s IEP (including general and special education teachers, related service providers, and other service providers), be provided with electronic access to, or a copy of, the student’s IEP prior to the IEP’s implementation; (2) the student’s IEP remain confidential; and (3) each staff member responsible for implementing the student’s IEP (including the paraprofessional) is informed of his or her specific responsibilities in order to ensure proper implementation. Each paraprofessional must have the ongoing opportunity to review a copy of the student’s IEP. Additional information about Chapter 408 can be found in the in the General Information & Terms section of the DOE’s Special Education Standard Operating Procedures Manual