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What is a salary step? How do I apply for one?

A salary step is an increase in salary based on experience. With continuous service you move up a half-step twice a year — although there may be no monetary difference between the “A” and “B” levels within one year. These “steps” occur on your equated appointment date and on March 1. New teachers must complete an online salary step application. Most new teachers start at Step 1A, but you may start at a higher step if you taught outside the city’s public schools or did regular substitute or per diem service for the DOE or — for certain licenses — had non-teaching experience related to your teaching position. If you believe you qualify for additional salary credit, you must apply within six months of the date you are appointed to your current position. Once your previous experience is verified and your application is processed, you will receive a Certificate of Salary Status. You must be on payroll on March 1st to receive the respective step increase. If you are on an approved leave of absence without pay your equated date will be recalculated. Those who have a separation of service must complete a new salary step placement application to be placed on the correct step.