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Getting Credit

Here are answers to several common questions the UFT Course Program receives:

  • Graduate courses may be taken only for graduate credit. In-service courses may be applied only toward salary differentials. In-service courses are solely accessible through the Department of Education’s After School Professional Development Program website. The NYC Department of Education will not grant credit for any in-service courses taken outside the city of New York.
  • If you are in a master’s or doctoral program, you should check with your college to verify that it will accept particular courses in this educational supplement for credit toward your degree.
  • Only the NYS Education Department can tell you which of these courses will meet your individual certification requirements. Although the state has approved all of these courses, that does not mean that every course will satisfy your particular requirements, so we urge you to call the State Education Department at 518-474-3901 or send an email.
  • The NYS Education Department often updates certification requirements. Most classroom teaching certificates require three semester hours in methods of teaching reading. Many require additional semester hours in teaching literacy skills. Each in­dividual evaluation form will give the amount of literacy coursework required beyond the three semester hours needed in methods of teaching reading. You may select reading courses listed in this catalog.
  • Although all of these graduate-level courses carry college credit, courses offered by the UFT Course Program do not, in and of themselves, lead to a graduate degree, with these exceptions:
    • MS in Education
    • Master of Science in Teaching Literacy
    • MS in Teaching TESOL
    • MS in Childhood Education, Grades 1-6
    • MS in Instructional Technology
    • MS in Adolescence Education: Specialist in Mathematics
    • MS in Adolescence Education: Specialist in Science
    • MS in Childhood Education: Professional Certification
    • MS in School Counseling
    • MS in Education and Special Education (dual certification)

It is important to note that students must apply officially to the college, meet all requirements and be accepted for matriculation into the college's master's degree program.