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Important Notices


Descriptions of master’s degree programs have been provided to the UFT Course Program by the collaborating colleges or universities. Any problem, issues or concerns regarding this information or your academic status must be addressed there, and not to the UFT. The UFT Course Program does not grant credit; only the collaborating colleges and universities can do so.

All teachers seeking admission to matriculate in any college’s master’s degree program must apply directly to the college, meet all requirements and be accepted by that college.

Each college has total say about which courses, if any, will be accepted toward one of its master’s degrees, and also how many courses you are required to take on campus.

A college may or may not accept UFT-sponsored courses that are not part of a particular master’s degree program. Be sure to check with the college so that your efforts are not wasted.

The master’s degree descriptions listed here are presented to highlight each particular program’s requirements, but are not meant to substitute for the college’s own catalog.

It is highly recommended that you obtain a college catalog for admission policies and procedural information.


In addition to other regulations, the state requires teachers to attend three mandated workshops listed as follows:

  • a two-hour workshop on violence prevention
  • a two-hour workshop on child abuse recognition and reporting and
  • a three-hour workshop on the needs of children with autism.

It is recommended that members plan to arrive a half-hour early. All workshops begin promptly at the starting times. New York State mandates that you must be present at the start of the workshop in order to receive the state certification.