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Kudos for PROSE

New York Teacher

As a PROSE school, we are incredibly happy with our ability to be a creative and collaborative community. We’ve been able to revise our plan in ways that support our work and the mission of our school. It’s so wonderful to see what other PROSE schools are doing [Feb. 15 issue] and see the wonderful impact it has on their students. These ideas come from members wanting to strengthen their schools and enrich the academic experiences of their students. Every school should be working toward the kind of collaborative nature of PROSE schools.

Mark Rentflejs, chapter leader, East Brooklyn Community HS

The amount of conversation about the vision of our school going forward has increased dramatically and diversified since we proposed the idea of applying to become a PROSE school. It’s a positive sign of what could be when we take an active role in shaping the school. We are completely grateful for this program.

Ryan O’Connell, chapter leader, HS for Climate Justice

PROSE is an incredible opportunity to work within our community to change the system for the benefit of our students. It lets us respond to the students in front of us and give them the best we possibly can.

Rachel Piven, chapter leader, KAPPA International HS

My favorite thing about being a PROSE school is having the ability to be an integral part of the shared governance of the school and making decisions for the school that affect everyone. I love having a platform where all the constituents can come together and share, discuss and implement ideas and proposals that we think will benefit the school community.

Jimelle Fraser, chapter leader, PS 627, Brighter Choice Community School