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Where is the school security plan?

New York Teacher

The UFT’s resolution against “gun violence” as adopted by the Delegate Assembly last spring (New York Teacher, June 16, 2022) is consistent with the union’s political goals and narrative against guns. But it does not create a safe and protected environment for students, educators and staff in our schools, nor will it prevent further incidents from occurring.

As a retired New York City teacher, a veteran NYPD officer, and a father and lifelong resident of the city, I have a stake in safeguarding innocent lives. I, too, am tired of shootings in our schools. I, too, stand against the misuse of firearms. I, too, want change.

But I want to see effective change. The union delegates’ resolution raises concerns about misuse of guns and casts blame, but does nothing to address school security. Every school should have a security plan and should execute it. I propose a designated entrance and exit; a vestibule and video surveillance; metal detectors; photo identification; a security desk and visitor escorts; and trained and armed personnel.

Stephen L. D’Andrilli, retired