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Use the union’s advocacy tool to help English language learners

New York Teacher

UFT members can use the union’s English language learners complaint form  to advocate for English language learners. Please use this form to notify the union if a school is ignoring or curtailing the rights of a parent of an English language learner, or if a school fails to provide an English language learner with required educational services, especially those services required under Commissioner’s Regulations Part 154. The UFT also wants to know if educators receive appropriate and sufficient professional development to help serve English language learners. The union asks for identifying information on this form so a UFT liaison can directly verify the claim with you, but it is a confidential complaint process. The UFT will not share your name or any information with administrative, supervisory or managerial staff at the DOE without your consent. The complaint form and other resources can be found in the English language learners section of the UFT website.