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Promoting A Sense Of Self in the Early Childhood Classroom (Elementary Schools)

Register for a CTLE workshops for teachers and paraprofessionals in elementary schools. High-quality experiences, environments, curricula and programming are critical to a child’s development, learning and sense of self. This session will focus on what a sense of self means for our youngest learners. We will discuss how educators can promote acceptance of individual differences, address the needs of diverse learners and encourage family participation in children’s self-development. Participants will receive two CTLE hours upon completion of this course.

UFT provides support for phonics-based curricula

Hundreds of UFT members took advantage of a free UFT Teacher Center course on the science of reading in July. The course, which combined in-person and virtual learning, was part of the union’s effort to support educators as the Department of...

‘Building their brains’

A social worker and an instructional coordinator from the city DOE's Division of Early Childhood Education provide crucial support to 3K and pre-K teachers at PS 7 in East Harlem.

Early Childhood Conference

The UFT’s 15th annual Early Childhood Conference on April 1 buzzed with energy as nearly 200 educators gathered to learn ways to engage their youngest students with play.

Your union is here for you

UFT Vice President for Elementary Schools Karen Alford writes that we are excited to return to our classrooms to do what we do best after recharging over the summer. And we won’t let budget cuts or layoffs stop us from providing our public school...

Ex-Bronx chapter leader gets justice

An administrative law judge has ruled that Bronx teacher Brenda Cartagena had been the victim of retaliation by her school’s principal for standing up for her members’ rights as school chapter leader.

The cat’s out of the bag

Pets in the Classroom, a program that gives financial support to pre-K through 9th-grade teachers for small animals to keep in their classrooms, provides teachers with one initial voucher or rebate to purchase a pet and necessary supplies and then a...

A mosaic memorial

Colleagues and students create a mosaic mural to remember Rulx Dagus, a paraprofessional at P 369K in Park Slope, Brooklyn, who died of COVID-19.

En garde!

Every Friday after school at PS 340 in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx, 20 students march into the school cafeteria and prepare to attack each other with swords. They are participants in the school’s first-ever fencing club, launched in...

The art of collaboration

Collaboration among three arts teachers and their classes at PS 295 in Brooklyn led to a 90-second commercial. They came up with the idea and designed a product in art class, composed a jingle in music class and wrote a script and acted out the...