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Getting a ‘fix’ on fairness

Thanks to vigorous lobbying by members from the UFT, its state affiliate NYSUT and other public employee unions in New York state, state lawmakers approved a change in the final average salary calculation for members of Tier 6 of the pension system...

UFT gets the part

Performers and instructors at the New York City location for Second City, the renowned comedy theater group that has launched the careers of many famous comedians and actors, have chosen the UFT as their bargaining agent, the union announced in May.

Tier 6, class size wins rally NYSUT

The 52nd NYSUT Representative Assembly on May 3-4 was a celebration of recent victories, including Tier 6 pension reform, and a rallying cry for the battles ahead.

Union eyes races for the White House and Congress

UFT President Michael Mulgrew emphasized in his Delegate Assembly report on May 22 that, besides 2024 being a presidential election year, New York State Congressional races might be just as important.

UFT efficiently tackles issues through consultation process

The UFT consultation committee, led by the school chapter leader, meets monthly with the principal to discuss and attempt to resolve issues at the school level. As of May 7, more than 14,000 issues were raised in consultation committee meetings this...

UFT solidifies class size funding

The push to ensure New York City implements the state class size law gained new momentum this spring after state lawmakers included a provision in the state budget requiring the city Department of Education to fund class size reduction in individual...

UFT seeks City Council support

The UFT welcomed City Council members to its annual legislative breakfast on May 9 to educate them about union programs and initiatives that need funding in the upcoming city budget.

McGrath elected TRS trustee

Christina McGrath received 69% of the online vote to win the election for TRS trustee. However, since the DOE decided to conduct an electronic election for the position on May 8-9 instead of the paper balloting called for in the election bylaws, an...

Waitlisted and worried

The union launched a #StartStrong campaign this spring after Mayor Eric Adams failed to restore $170 million in mid-year cuts he made to 3-K and pre-K. The campaign is pushing the city to restore funding for 3-K and pre-K seats in the city budget...

‘Follow the law’

The UFT has accused Mayor Adams and the city Department of Education of trying to sabotage the implementation of the state law lowering class size in New York City public schools.
The state has significantly increased aid for city schools to finance...