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A return like no other

UFT members returning to their school buildings on Sept. 8 for the first time since March had an experience unlike any other.

Our occupational therapist of the year

Every year, we ask you to nominate a colleague who does outstanding work. During this challenging and unusual semester, we wanted to highlight a therapist who's done outstanding tele-therapy. Here's a conversation with with our occupational therapist...

2.5% raises take effect May 14

The salaries of UFT-represented city Department of Education employees will increase by 2.5% effective May 14, 2020.

State budget spares schools from cuts

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking economic havoc, the UFT successfully avoided large-scale cuts to public school funding in the New York State budget signed on April 3 for the upcoming fiscal year.

RTC events canceled

All Retired Teachers Chapter activities are canceled or postponed in the interest of safety as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Required minimum distributions suspended for 2020

The recent CARES Act legislation has suspended RMDs for 2020 for defined-contribution plans like TRS’ TDA Program.

Contact health benefits programs via secure email

Due to the closure of the Health Benefits Retiree client service walk-in center, it cannot access or process forms or correspondence mailed or faxed on March 11, 2020, or after.

Medicare Part B and IRMAA reimbursements

Medicare Part B 2019 reimbursements were scheduled to be distributed by the end of April 2020.