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Noteworthy Graduate: Heather Simms, Broadway actor

Actor Heather Simms is playing Missy Judson in the current Broadway revival of Purlie Victorious. She made her stage debut in 2nd grade at PS 243 in Crown Heights, hamming it up as the mother in “Hansel and Gretel.”

Noteworthy Graduate: Lou Anarumo, Pro football coach

It’s difficult to become a coach in the National Football League; there are only 32 teams. Lou Anarumo, the defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals, followed an arduous road to get there. And on Feb. 13, that road, which began at Susan...

Noteworthy graduates: Marisa Tomei, actress

Marisa Tomei shot to national attention in 1992 in “My Cousin Vinny,” in which she played brash, foul-mouthed New York mechanic Mona Lisa Vito, a longtime fiancee (with her biological clock ticking) who is called to testify as an expert witness in a...

Noteworthy Graduate: Jeff Orlowski, Filmmaker

Jeff Orlowski, who attended PS 42 and IS 7 on Staten Island, is a filmmaker who specializes in movies about existential threats such as climate change and social media. As a senior at Stuyvesant HS in Manhattan, he was editor-in-chief of the school...

Noteworthy Graduate: Nelson Figueroa Jr., Professional baseball player

Nelson Figueroa Jr. was 5 feet, 10 inches and just 125 pounds when he played baseball at Lincoln HS in Brooklyn but, buoyed by the leadership skills and life lessons instilled in him by his teachers and coaches, he impressed enough people to pitch in...

Noteworthy graduate: Dr. Sara Guevara, family medicine physician

Dr. Sara Guevara built on the mentoring and support she received in Brooklyn public schools to become a family medicine physician who is working in underserved communities in New York City.

Noteworthy Graduates

Noteworthy graduate: Carla Boutin-Foster, medical school dean

Carla Boutin-Foster is a world away from the 5-year-old who spoke only Creole when her parents — sights firmly set on the American dream — brought her to Brooklyn from Haiti.

Noteworthy Graduate: Jeff Waxman, movie producer

Hollywood movie producer Jeff Waxman credits a well-rounded education in Queens public schools and "the size of the schools" with preparing him to be a filmmaking jack-of-all-trades.

Noteworthy Graduate: Emmy Jo Favilla, BuzzFeed editor

Emmy Jo Favilla started reading at 3½ years old. “I asked my mom to confirm,” says BuzzFeed’s senior manager for brand voice and its style guru. Favilla grew up loving books, reading and writing.