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Understanding bias and how it affects us

We all carry biases and can benefit from a better understanding of how they affect our relationships with others, personally and professionally.

State lawmakers attend UFT forum

The UFT welcomed newly elected and veteran state lawmakers to a breakfast forum on Dec. 18 to educate them about three union-backed education initiatives that need funding in the upcoming state budget: the UFT Teacher Center, UFT Community Learning...

Teacher Union Day 2017

The UFT celebrated its 57th anniversary as a union at Teacher Union Day on Nov. 5, and sent the executive director of the UFT Welfare Fund, Artie Pepper, into retirement with the prestigious Charles Cogen Award.

Larissa Loua, 2nd-grade ICT teacher

It was Larissa Loua’s first year in an integrated co-teaching classroom. On opening day, she led a restorative circle to help her students build community and learn how to trust each other — key elements of a Positive Learning Collaborative school.

Understanding the whole child

The Positive Learning Collaborative is working with 16 schools to help create classrooms free of bullying, drama and conflict so all children can learn while respecting the humanity of teacher and child. We are already seeing exceptional results. 

Workshops address pressing issues

Six workshops, including several led by classroom educators, drew many hundreds of UFT members and parents at the Spring Education Conference.
Each hour-long workshop addressed aspects of urgent questions and issues in city schools right now.

Keeping calm

“The PLC has helped all of us get to know the children at a more human level,” says Christine Chavez, the principal of PS 45 on Staten Island. “We’re establishing routines and procedures to look at the child in an academic and a social way.” That...

Schools to stop calling 911 for discipline

The training at the heart of the Institute for Understanding Behavior — therapeutic crisis intervention — has been prescribed in the settlement of a lawsuit that challenged the practice of sending disruptive children to hospital emergency rooms.

Testimony regarding special education instruction and achievement & Int. 0435: Mandating Special Education Services Reporting

Vice President for Special Education Carmen Alvarez testified before the New York City Council Committee on Education and Sub-Committee on Non-Public Schools about the Int. 0435 bill mandating special education services reporting.