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The Second Brain for Social Workers and Psychologists (MAP)

Social workers and psychologists are invited to register for a UFT Member Assistance Program workshop on the connection between mind and body. Have you heard of the gut-brain connection? Researchers have found that a lesser-known nervous system in our guts (our “second brain”) communicates with the brain and plays a key role in our overall mental health. This lecture will discuss the mind-body connection and the relationship between our digestive health and mood. We’ll pay particular attention to how one might use this information in a school-based setting.

Social Workers and Psychologists Trauma and the Body workshop (MAP)

Social workers and psychologists are invited to register for a UFT Member Assistance Program workshop on trauma. Therapists know that unresolved trauma will continue to lead to negative behaviors and thought processes in our lives. Listen to this lecture about the psychophysiology of trauma and its impact on the body.  Participants will leave this workshop with specific skills related to supporting their students experiencing trauma.    

Making it her mission in LYFE

Marjorie Wilson, the first chapter leader of the UFT's LYFE chapter and the teen parenting program's first social worker at LYFE's start 42 years ago, has been honored by the Retired Teachers Chapter for her decades of service.

Social Workers Appreciation Day

More than 1,000 school social workers gathered at UFT headquarters and remotely on March 8 for a day of professional learning focused on holistic wellness to mark the union’s 8th annual Social Workers Appreciation Day.

Clinicians Appreciation Day

About 400 school social workers and psychologists gathered at UFT headquarters, and another 900 joined remotely, for a day of professional development to mark Clinicians Appreciation Day on Jan. 12.

A place to heal

There is a room at IS 391 in the Bronx with color-changing lights, soft bean-bag chairs, a gurgling fountain, books and fidget toys.
“We needed a calming place where students could come for counseling, and students and staff could just sit and self...

Psychologists Appreciation Day PD

More than four hundred UFT members attended the annual Psychologists Appreciation Day professional development on Nov. 10 at union headquarters. “The sense of unity and community that the union brings is really valuable," said one school psychologist...

Nadhilis Rojas, bilingual school psychologist

As the psychologist at Gotham Collaborative HS in the Bronx, Nadhilis Rojas assesses students’ needs, refers them for services and tracks their progress. As a fluent English and Spanish speaker, she can more effectively serve her diverse school...

‘Building their brains’

A social worker and an instructional coordinator from the city DOE's Division of Early Childhood Education provide crucial support to 3K and pre-K teachers at PS 7 in East Harlem.

Social Workers Appreciation Day

Helping students learn to cope with anxiety experienced during and after the COVID-19 pandemic was the key takeaway from the UFT's seventh annual Social Workers Appreciation Day event on March 10, which attracted about 900 UFT members both in person...