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Class Size

Keeping class sizes within proper limits is not just a professional right to enable you to do your job better; it’s also an educational benefit for students who can receive more individual attention. Contractual class-size limits vary with the school level, type of class and other factors. Within the first few days of each school year or term, check with your chapter leader to find out if your classes exceed the appropriate class-size maximums. If, after the 10th school day, they exceed those limits, the chapter leader will file a grievance for you. This should be done even if the principal says there is neither the space nor the budget allotment to create smaller and/or more classes.

Class size staffing ratios for students with disabilities are determined by the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) and state education law. You can call your borough office if you believe your special education class is oversized or you can make a special education complaint online regarding class size via the UFT website.

For more details, see Article 7M of the contract.