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You may receive an excused absence to attend a graduation ceremony of a close family member. See the guidelines below: 

Pedagogues and paraprofessionals:

  • One day with principal’s or supervisor’s permission to attend their graduation or that of a parent, child, step-child, spouse or registered domestic partner;
  • Graduation must involve a ceremony marking the award of a diploma or degree (actual certificate) by a recognized school or institution of higher learning. This also includes graduation ceremonies that are held virtually;
  • If graduation is in a remote location, the superintendent can grant approval for up to an additional two days;
  • Kindergarten, pre-K, 5th and 6th grades are excluded;
  • If elementary school goes up to the 8th grade and students go from there to high school, then this is allowed in lieu of the usual junior high school graduation from the ninth grade;
  • Upon return to work, download and complete the OP201 form.

Administrative titles (nurses, therapists):

  • One day for employee to receive a degree form a college or university;
  • One day to attend the graduation of a child or grandchild from kindergarten, elementary school, intermediate school, junior high school, high school or college or to attend the college graduation of a spouse or domestic partner;
  • Upon return to work, download and complete the PD19 form.