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Parking permits

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Members who drive to work at a school building may be eligible for a DOE parking permit which will allow them to park on city streets where "Department of Education Parking" signage appears. Parking permits are issued only to full-time, permanent DOE employees, which includes F-status staff. 

How the permits work

On-street general (OSG) permits are school specific. These permits specify the school name and the designated streets for parking. Members may only park in their school’s spaces on school days during the times listed on the DOE parking signs at their building.

School buildings are assigned a designated number of street parking spaces by the Department of Transportation — some may have none, while others have a set amount. If you are eligible and your school has DOE street parking spots available, you must apply for a permit using the DOE's parking permit online portal (which works best using the Google Chrome browser). See your principal if you are unsure whether your school has DOE parking spaces.

Itinerant employees

Itinerant employees (those who travel from school to school) and district-based employees represented by the UFT are issued itinerant on-street (OSI) parking permits for use at assigned schools with available DOT-designated street-parking spaces. These spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. As in prior years, UFT-represented employees in the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) pool should apply for itinerant parking permits. 

School employees who visit the same specific schools each week will receive permits for each school to which they are assigned.

See our FAQs below for additional information, or visit the DOE's Parking Permits page

Do alternate side of the street rules apply to DOE authorized parking spaces?

No, they do not apply to DOE authorized parking spaces, at signs that read read "Department of Education," for employees with valid DOE parking permits, on school days, during times listed. 

Do "NO STANDING" and "NO PARKING" signs apply to DOE authorized parking spaces?

No, they do not apply to DOE authorized parking spaces, at signs that read read "Department of Education," for employees with valid DOE parking permits, on school days, during times listed. 

How can I renew my school parking permit? What are the deadlines to do so?

School-based DOE parking permits expire on November 1. Members can apply for parking permit renewals through the DOE’s parking permit self-service portal when it opens each September through early October (the portal works best in Google Chrome). UFT members are permitted to use on-street general parking (OSG) and itinerant on-street parking (OSI) if there are DOT-designated, on-street parking spaces at their school. 

Once you submit an application through the portal, the DOE will deliver parking permits to your school by November 1. You must turn in your expired permit in order to receive a new one.

For additional information, see the DOE's parking permit web page

What do I do if my DOE parking permit is lost, damaged or stolen?

If your permit is lost, damaged or stolen, you may report it by using the DOE Parking Permit portal and choosing the option that reads, "Report & Replace Lost/Stolen/Damaged Permit." The portal can be found at:

Before a replacement can be issued, damaged permits must be returned to:
Division of School Facilities
ATTN: DOE Parking Permit Unit
44-36 Vernon Blvd., 5th floor
Long Island City, NY 11101

In addition, a police report must accompany any replacement request for a lost or stolen permit. 

How do I apply for a NYC DOE parking permit?

School staff members should apply using the following link:

Can I obtain a DOE parking permit if my car is registered outside of New York State?

Yes, but permits are only issued to vehicles registered in four states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. 

Are F-status staff members eligible for DOE parking permits?


I teach in a newer school. How do we request parking spaces and DOE permits?

DOE parking spaces and locations have been capped citywide and no new parking spaces will be installed for any faculty in newer school buildings. In addition, if a school closes or relocates, parking spaces are non-transferable and the spaces neither move with the school nor would a new school moving into a building inherit those spaces. 

I travel between locations/schools. How can I obtain an itinerant DOE parking permit?

Itinerant or non-school based staff can apply for a DOE parking permit using the same portal as school-based staff:

When I try to apply for a parking permit, I'm being told I am ineligible. Why might I be ineligible?


  • Your school building does not have designated DOE parking spaces, therefore you will not be issued a parking permit. 
  • You are not affiliated with one of the approved unions.
  • Your employee reference number is invalid. 

If you believe that you meet the eligibility requirements and still are having issues, please email: