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Low pay pushing teachers out of the profession

New York Teacher

Fifty percent of teachers say they’ve considered leaving the profession over low pay, stress and a lack of respect, according to an August report by PDK International, a professional association for educators. Another national poll released in August by the research journal Education Next found a record level of bipartisan support for increasing teachers’ salaries.

The PDK survey found that about 60 percent of 556 teachers surveyed said their pay is unfair. High school teachers were the most likely to say they have considered quitting, with 61 percent reporting that they’ve thought about leaving the profession.

The Education Next poll found that 56 percent of Americans support raising teacher pay when told what the average teacher in their state earns. For those not told about existing pay levels, 72 percent supported higher pay for public school teachers. The online survey also found majority support among the general public for more state and federal spending on education.

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