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Never Bloomberg

New York Teacher

Michael Bloomberg cannot be elected president. As a teacher during Bloomberg’s tenure as mayor, rosy is not the word I would use. When he gained control of the city Department of Education, he tried to run it as a business to the detriment of teachers and students. I believe that much of the increase in the graduation rate was achieved by awarding unearned credits to failing students.

Judith Karish Rycar, retired
(via Facebook)

Bloomberg’s education policies brought a nightmare to New York City teachers and students. He vilified experienced teachers and forced his failed Leadership Academy principals upon us.

Christine Passarella, retired
(via Facebook)

Let’s not forget how he put teachers’ salaries into schools’ budgets. The principals quickly realized they could get two new teachers and have money left for the same amount as an experienced teacher. It was open season on senior teachers.

Christine Munnelly, retired
(via Facebook)

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