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Beat the Mets

I urge all to boycott the Mets — this despite my having been a fan of the team for nearly 60 years. The new owner, Steve Cohen, has slapped all the fans — and particularly teachers — in the face by bringing Chris Christie onto the Mets’ board of...

Doesn't like 'pork'

"At a retiree chapter meeting, I heard support for the $2.75 billion “pork” that was allotted to the private schools by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer. This addition to the stimulus bill is wrong for the following reasons."

Deficit spending will bankrupt our nation

"In response to Larry Hoffner’s “School funding” letter [Feb. 18]: I agree that we should cut back on part of our military budget. It’s been a waste to have U.S. troops fighting skirmishes overseas for the past 20 years."

Hail to the UFT's founding

"As the UFT reaches 61 years of age, I thank you for my 40 years in a professional teaching career with amazing benefits and the additional 17 and counting years of protected retirement."

Changing pandemic protocol

The reality is that no one is abandoning any safety protocols with the new guidelines. Safety is still a top priority, but as the science evolves, we also have to evolve.

Trader Joe’s

I made the huge mistake of leaving to teach in the suburbs.

Missed retro

I made the huge mistake of leaving to teach in the suburbs.

Fossil fuels

Why is the Teachers’ Retirement System divesting from fossil fuel companies?

UFT vaccine program

The union’s scheduling my vaccine appointments allowed me to get my vaccines when the city scheduling did not.


An educated public is the ultimate check on government abuse and, as such, teachers have become essential workers in our very fragile democracy. Our schools must emphasize critical thinking skills where evidence is used to support assertions.