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Farewell to a devoted unionist and friend

Response to the death of UFT founder and former vice president George Altomare.

‘Vest’ approach for school safety agents

It is about time that the NYPD decided to make it mandatory for all of its school safety agents to have to wear bulletproof vests both inside and outside the school buildings where they are deployed to keep students safe.

Historical injustices need to be taught

I recently learned about the massacre of African-American citizens in the 1921 Tulsa race massacre, an event that has been overlooked during history class. The teaching of critical race theory has unfortunately been hijacked by politicians who define...

Big day remembered

It was such a great experience last summer communicating with the New York Teacher reporter about our first Brower Day in honor of Scott Brower, a beloved physical education teacher who died tragically last year. The school community and the Brower...

Teachers worthy of honor

The nation recently honored all of its teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. Teachers are dedicated professionals who work tirelessly each day to motivate their students to work to their full potential in the classroom. They are also...

More support for general ed classrooms

I have been an occupational therapist for the city for over eight years. I love working with children inside and outside the classroom. However, it seems to me in all the schools I’ve been in (I’ve worked in more than 13 schools, including a number...

Don’t let DOE repeat class-size history

This is not the first time the state has earmarked money to reduce class size (previously early grades) only to have the city Department of Education misuse the funds. During the Bloomberg administration, when Joel Klein was the schools chancellor...

Paras: a key part of the team

In my career, I have shared my classroom with the most wonderful assistants imaginable.

Guns and schools

Why are kids bringing guns to school? According to Schools Chancellor David C. Banks, kids are bringing guns to school because they are afraid and want to protect themselves.

Buried under paperwork

We work all day and night. The paperwork and administrative duties are out of control — all while we are trying to teach and control 32 8-year-olds in one class. It’s sad the kids suffer from that.