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Pension clinic: Health benefits at retirement (Non-Medicare)

In this UFT workshop for non-Medicare eligible UFT members who are interested in learning more about their health benefits at retirement. 

Tier 4 pension clinic: Milestones, FAS calculations and CAR days

In this clinic for Tier 4 UFT members, participants will learn about milestones, how to calculate their final annual salary and how to get reimbursed for unused CAR days.

How much will be deducted from my pension for union dues once I retire?

Union dues for members of the Retired Teachers Chapter (RTC) are .004% of your monthly pension.

What is a deferred pay date?

A deferred pay date is only applicable if you have yet to meet the age of retirement and will be collecting your pension at a later time.

Pension options to consider

Experiencing a pandemic can be life-changing, especially for essential workers like UFT members who face its challenges every day. Sometimes that kind of experience makes people reevaluate their lives and their goals. They move, they reconnect with...

Planning to retire in June?

We outline the steps you need to take if you're planning to retire in June and give you a schedule of remote pension clinics, presented by UFT special pension representatives, tailored to your tier.

Sessions now remote

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the UFT Pension Department has transitioned pension clinics and workshops from in-person events to remote sessions.

Planning to retire in 2021?

If you’re thinking of retiring in 2021, it’s time to start planning.

Labors of Hercules, UFT-style

There was no service interruption in the UFT Pension Department as employees, working remotely for the first time, handled an influx of retirement queries.

Build nest egg with tax-deferred annuity

The Teachers’ Retirement System’s Tax-Deferred Annuity Program is an excellent way for eligible UFT members to save money for retirement to supplement their defined-benefit pension. If you’re not already enrolled, start building your nest egg now.