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Plumb perfect

Natalie Kavral is a 2011 graduate of the plumbing program at Queens Technical High School. Now, more than a decade later, Kavral, one of only two female plumbing teachers in New York City public schools, teaches plumbing and runs the plumbing program...

UFT HERstory celebration

AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler joined the UFT’s HERstory event, an annual celebration of Women’s History Month, to discuss the history and future of women in the labor movement, telling about 100 UFT members at the March 4 online event that "women kept...

HERstory celebration

Meisha Ross Porter, the new schools chancellor, gave closing remarks at the UFT HERstory celebration on March 26, with the theme of Ceiling Smashing: Honoring Women’s History Month 2021.

HERstory brunch

Carmen Alvarez, the UFT’s first vice president for special education, and Ellen Procida, the former director of the union’s Grievance Department, both recently retired, were honored at the union’s HERstory brunch on March 31 at UFT headquarters in...

Pre-Women’s March breakfast forum

The next big challenge for the UFT and the nonprofit Eleanor’s Legacy is to make sure “the New York City Council accurately represents the 4 million women and girls who live in the city,” said Brette McSweeney, the executive director of Eleanor’s...

HERstory, a Celebration of Women in the UFT

HERstory celebrated the stories of the scores of women, past and present, who have helped build the UFT into the powerhouse it is today, at a Sunday brunch on March 25 at union headquarters in Manhattan.

City’s parental leave program includes givebacks

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to provide six weeks of paid parental leave to the city’s 20,000 nonunion, managerial employees was welcome news to the city’s labor leaders and advocates of enlightened labor policies but it came with a cost: the...