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Vision Education Services

Vincent Pedulla

Vincent Pedulla
Vision Education Services

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our Vision Education Services website. As your chapter leader, I encourage you to visit this page regularly to receive UFT updates and pertinent news that affects us as teachers. I am excited to announce that as of Aug. 23, 2017, I have a new guide dog named Liberty.

Liberty is a well-trained, beautiful black Labrador who has come to live with my family. You will likely see her guiding me at meetings and training sessions this year. It is important to keep in mind that guide dogs need to be very focused. Therefore, I'd like to ask that you refrain from distracting her while she's working, although you're more than welcome to say hello. I’d like to thank Will Henry, who so graciously took time from his schedule, for coming to the city and training us – Liberty and me – as a new guide dog team. Will recommends that you also avoid feeding her, as she is on a special diet.

Liberty is being trained specifically using the positive reinforcement method to reward good behavior, so alternative treats are discouraged.If you have any questions about Liberty or the innovative training that Guide Dogs for the Blind uses, feel free to ask me.

In addition, if you are new, please be sure to sign up on the UFT home page to receive important emails for our chapter and our union.

Our chapter hotline number is 1-212-598-6841. You may call this number anytime, or email me at Whether you leave a phone message or email, remember to give me your non-DOE contact information — use your non-DOE email address or, if you call, leave a personal phone number.

As professionals who serve students throughout the five boroughs, the challenge we face is to stay connected and offer support and encouragement to each other. My hope is that this website along with our chapter’s newsletters will help to accomplish this. As your chapter leader, I am here to serve you, and the entire UFT is ready to help you. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns, suggestions or ideas.

I look forward to working together to empower our chapter and our students.


Vincent Pedulla
Vision Education Services Chapter Leader

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