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Nonmember report

Some of your school staffers may not yet be enrolled as members of the UFT. We have created a new online tool for you to find out at a glance who is and who is not a union member in your school.

The following people have been identified as nonmembers. This list is being provided to you solely for the purpose of you organizing them into the union as members. As we know you are aware, and you should remind your colleagues as necessary, people continue to be entitled under the law to fair representation by the UFT, even if they elect to be nonmembers, which is their free choice.

The advantages of membership

Please encourage these staffers to join the UFT. As members, they will have access to valuable benefits and have a voice in their professional life that nonmembers don't have. Only members have access to certain free legal services, free counseling, free or discounted training or professional development and an attorney during 3020-a employee discipline procedures.

UFT members can participate in money-saving group insurance plans and low-cost legal and financial service plans, and they can get member-only discounts on travel, entertainment and much more. Most of all, as members they have the right to play an important role in our union and its actions and policies. They will be able to vote in union elections and help choose the UFT's leadership team in your school and citywide. They can even run for union office. Only members can participate in the union's bargaining committee and take part in the contract ratification vote.


When you are ready to see a list of the nonmembers in your school, click on the View Nonmember Report link.

If you have nonmembers in your school, your screen will look like this:

Nonmember Report

Nonmember Report - On this screen, you can click on the Print link to print a copy for your records.

We request that you reach out to these individuals and ask them to enroll online in the UFT. Have these nonmembers go to, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click Join the UFT. Ask them to follow the onscreen instructions (which will include logging in to the website or signing up for a account if they haven't already done so). If they are signing up for a account, they should choose the option "I am a UFT member, an employee in a UFT bargaining unit or union/Welfare Fund staffer" under About You.

If you are helping a colleague enroll online in the UFT using this computer, make sure you first LOG OUT of your account.

If a nonmember is unable to enroll online and is not a paraprofessional, he or she may print and complete this application. If the nonmember is a paraprofessional, he or she must use this form. But we strongly encourage online enrollment.

Nonmembers considering joining the union are welcome to call the UFT Membership Department at 212-598-6855 for help with online enrollment or answers to any questions about becoming a UFT member.

Once you've spoken to the nonmembers in your school, follow up after a week to see if they have enrolled. First, come back to this page and view your online report again. If a school staffer enrolls online, this report should reflect that change within 24 hours.

If a staffer uses the paper form, however, it may take up to a week from the time you submit the form to the UFT Membership Department to see the change in the online report. If you don't see any change in your online report after a week, approach the nonmembers again. Ask them if they enrolled in the union, and see if they need help using the online enrollment form. Again, you can direct them to the UFT Membership Department.