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What is the process I need to take to resign from the DOE?

A resignation letter should be written at least 30 days prior to the effective date of resignation. Please provide an official letter (as a PDF or Word doc attachment) with your effective date of resignation or retirement, file number and signature, also include in the letter whether you will transfer to another city agency or be leaving all city services. This will ensure resignations are processed correctly.  Also, please be aware that you will not have access to your DOE accounts after your termination is processed.

  • Resignation can simply state: “I (name and file number) am resigning my position from the DOE effective (at least 30 days from the date the email is written)." 
  • This email is sent to your principal who then forwards it to the DOE.   
  • If a resignation letter is written with an effective date less than 30 days, a problem code can be generated, which will make it difficult to return to the DOE.  
  • Also advise member to reach out to TRS and inquire about their pension and TDA. 
  • When resigning advise members to fill out an OP44 form to get paid out for their remaining CAR days.  

Summer Resignation 

If a member resigns on the last day of school, they will receive their summer pay throughout the summer, however their health benefits will end in July, at the end of month.  If health benefits need to be maintained throughout the summer, resigning in August (and providing 30 calendar days notice) will ensure health benefits to the beginning of September.