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Let's change the face of NYC public schools together

Join thousands of your fellow UFT members who are fighting for what #OurKidsNeed. Help us ensure that the mayor and the City Council earmark money in the city budget for what matters most to educators and their students—smaller class sizes and intervention teams in every school.

On July 29, 2021, City Council leaders introduced a bill that would set new limits on the number of students allowed in city classrooms in the wake of COVID-19. The UFT will work tirelessly to build support for this bill among city lawmakers. You can help by encouraging your Council member to join our fight for smaller class sizes.

Join today and become part of the movement, because no one knows better than you what #OurKidsNeed.

Here’s how you can help: When you sign up, we'll suggest things you can do on social media and other actions you can take to make our goals a reality.

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Tell the mayor and the DOE what really matters by posting what your kids need to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #OurKidsNeed.

The UFT 5-Point Recovery Plan

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School Intervention Teams

The UFT’s award-winning Positive Learning Collaborative program has proven that embedding a support team of social workers, psychologists and academic intervention specialists in a school can dramatically improve student performance, decrease behavior issues and elevate teacher satisfaction. Please help us spread this proven model to every school in NYC—not just our at-risk schools.

We need your help!

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Smaller Class Sizes

We have always known that smaller class sizes mean more individualized attention, which leads to better outcomes. Help us finally reduce class sizes city-wide to a manageable number. Please help us prod the city to create a pilot program in the fall in 100 of our neediest schools with the goal to reduce class sizes in every school in NYC soon after.

We need your help!

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Trauma Training & Support Groups

Hopefully, you are already aware of—or have even attended—one of our union’s wellness workshops, training sessions or support groups. Built upon proven methods and hosted by leading specialists, these wellness initiatives will equip you with effective strategies and skills for responding to trauma and stress in yourself and your students and help you transform your classroom into a place of healing. Some are even available for CTLE credits.


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College & Career Prep for High Schoolers

The pandemic derailed college and career prep activities. We are offering one-on-one college and career counseling to every high school junior and senior. We are also developing after-school and Saturday academies to help seniors complete missed work, hone their interview skills and better prepare for college or careers.

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Extended Summer Learning Programs

All current students who have fallen behind or need additional support will have access to summer learning programs this year. Most students will be attending summer school in-person; safety and testing protocols will be in place to keep us and our students safe.