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UFT COPE: Fighting For You

Enroll in COPE

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Contact your chapter leader to sign up or reach out to Melody Rondinelli, the UFT's COPE Coordinator, at

Politics is union business: It is how we protect our pensions and health care benefits; it is how we enacted paid parental leave; and how we voted NO on the constitutional convention. In hard economic times, political action is needed more than ever. The COVID-19 public health and economic crises shows us that we need our collective political action to push legislators to protect our employment and ensure safe and healthy working conditions. Enrolling in UFT COPE is important for all members.

What is UFT COPE?

The Committee on Political Education (COPE) is the UFT’s political action arm. It covers the expenses related to educating our legislators, and helps elect officeholders who respect our members, support public education and work for union goals. With COPE, we advance legislation and policies that strengthen our membership, protect public education and safeguard our rights; we back candidates who back us; and we support public officials who get things done for our members, parents and students.

In recent years, teachers and teacher unions have become the new favorite punching bag for politicians and policy makers. And labor continues to be the number one target of anti-worker politicians. The UFT’s record — on both legislative matters and in elections — would be impressive under any circumstance, but under these conditions it is truly extraordinary. Protecting our pensions and healthcare benefits, enacting smart legislation that gives us paid parental leave, and securing an early contract was made possible by the incredibly hard work of thousands of UFT members and by the funding that COPE provides. None of this would be possible without COPE, and COPE is not possible without you.

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Why does UFT COPE need you?

COPE is entirely funded by voluntary contributions. We do not use any union dues money for political action. In these hard economic times caused by an unprecedented public health crisis, it is critically important that you contribute to COPE. Your contribution enables us to continue to fight for relief and stimulus funding from the federal government while we push back on proposals that seek to make cuts to school budgets and programs that provide direct services to students. Thanks to COPE, we are able to make sure that our voice is heard loud and clear. Thanks to UFT COPE, we get results. We need your support to continue this vital advocacy and political work.