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UFT 2023 state legislative priorities

Our proven programs

United Community Schools and community school categorical aid

Our perspective and position
Our teacher-inspired nonprofit, United Community Schools, has developed a community school model proven to transform public schools and the communities they serve. Our UCS model pays for a Community School Director/Site Coordinator, who is an expert at bringing in resources and building partnerships. This is a value-add position that allows school leaders and educators to focus on education. This model and expertise should be available to all community schools across the state.

6:1 Community School Director's return on investment
6,000+ families fed in 2021–22
14,500 health clinic visits coordinated in 2021–22
20,000+ kids and families supported per year

What we're asking

  • A $4 million grant to sustain our current network of community schools
  • $100 million of categorical aid for community schools statewide including a $5 million allocation to United Community Schools to offer statewide technical assistance and support.

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UFT Teacher Center

Our perspective and position
For more than 40 years, the UFT Teacher Center has been a guiding light for NYC educators, a statement that could not be more true during the pandemic.

140 Teacher Center sites in 2022–23
231,000 educators, principals and parents supported in 2021–22
100,000 hours of professional development provided in 2021–22

What we're asking

  • Fund Teacher Center statewide at $30M

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Positive Learning Collaborative

Our perspective and position
Our Positive Learning Collaborative (PLC) program is one of our most effective tools for bringing equity to NYC education and helping teachers, students and parents cope with — and heal from — trauma. We need to bring its proven expert services to as many schools as possible, now more than ever.

What we're asking

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